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Compliments of the season from Optima Health Physio Consult.

It’s that time of the year when activities are rounding up if not rounded up for the year and heading to the holiday break, but it’s an ideal time to look ahead and plan to implement a successful ergonomic process for your staff in 2020, if you haven’t already done so.

Just like with all goals and resolutions, having the right strategy and support is essential for achieving success. With the right strategy and support in place, your staff and organization will reap the benefits of reduced MSD risks, improved engagement for employees, increased productivity, and cost savings year after year.

We at Optima Health Physio Consult, your proactive healthcare organization, are committed to proactive ergonomics process to ensuring maximum human performance for your staff and organization in the year 2020.


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A proactive ergonomics process identifies and reduces ergonomic risk factors before injuries occur.

​It is well established that ergonomics can benefit your organization in a number of ways.

Optima Health Physio Consult offers a day Ergonomics training with Workstation Evaluation at a promo price, instead of the usual N50, 000. (T&C Apply).

The main benefit of our specialized training is increasing the input and productivity of workers to the very maximum by preventing and reducing work related musculoskeletal disorders and occupational hazards.

Participants will learn proven methods to reduce and eliminate work-related musculoskeletal disorders and risk in their workplace by:
1. Gathering information and tools necessary to analyze work stations, finding placements,
     positioning and posture problems and developing solutions for them.
2. Allowing a single employee to set up their own work station to suit the work activities involving
    muscular movements.
3. Evaluating all of their work stations as a lifestyle and identifying ergonomics risks and work
    station deficiencies.
4. Perform objective research-based evaluations of work tools such as task seating, sit/stand
    devices, mice, keyboards, task lighting and more.
5. Recognize equipment challenges and recommend cost effective alternatives.
6. Measure the potential cost savings of a proactive ergonomics program.


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