Physical Rehabilitation/ In-patient

After a serious injury, illness or surgery, you may recover slowly. You need to regain your strength, relearn skills or find new ways of doing things you did before. This process is known as Rehabilitation.

Our experts at OHPC work at assessing your condition and thereby setting goals for an effective rehabilitation. The process and therapy for rehabilitation will be successful only when we identify and set the goals properly. These goals may vary for different people depending on the condition they are facing. We have a facility to admit patients for an effective rehabilitation, and frequent treatment in a day.

We offer Rehabilitation services for the conditions below: 

1. Neurological Rehabilitation 

People surviving conditions such as spinal cord injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis, neurological disease, paralysis, muscular dystrophy, Guillain-barre syndrome, Parkinson disease etc have disorders of the nervous system. They need to relearn skills they lost because of the damage to their brains, spinal cord or nerves. In such cases, OHPC will focus on regaining strength, re-establishing the movements and making the patient as independent as possible. Evidence and facts have showed us that these group of patients respond to early and regular intervention. Their physiotherapy management have to be well coordinated for optimal outcome.

Our experts will use an ICF model approach to assess the specific conditions of the patient and chart out a treatment plan with smart oriented goals using a combination of:

  1. Education and promotion of self-management
  2. Hands-on neurological physiotherapy, example- Bobath/NDT, PNF, soft tissue stretches, joint mobilizations etc.
  3. Balance work
  4. Exercise therapy
  5. Sensory retraining
  6. Pain management
  7. Functional task-oriented activities of daily living
  8. Teaching the care-givers, techniques on moving or positioning

 2. Orthopedic Rehabilitation

The rehab program for dislocation is usually longer than that for a fracture. A physiotherapy expert will help you gradually restore motion, rebuild joint strength and most importantly establish stability of the joint.

3. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Recovering from a heart attack, angina or moving on with life after a by-pass surgery or angioplasty can be a bit overwhelming without a plan. Shortness of breath often limits what people with chronic lung diseases, Asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can do. When ordinary activities like walking or climbing stairs becomes difficult, everyday life with Asthma or COPD gets harder. Pulmonary or Respiratory Rehabilitation is a program of education, breathing techniques and exercise therapy to help you learn to breathe - and function - at the highest level possible.

In line with the ICF model approach, our experts will take a complete health history, talk with you about your current level of activity, and help you set goals for what is most important to you. They will teach you breathing techniques, give you tips on conserving energy, relaxation, travel, how to do everyday tasks with less shortness of breath and how to stay healthy and avoid COPD exacerbation or manage the asthmatic conditions.

You can inform us as soon as you have discovered your heart condition or decided to undergo a surgery and OHPC experts will plan a tailored Rehabilitation and Education program for you. You can begin your therapy immediately or in case of surgery; as soon as you are discharged and reach home. Our goal is to help you recover, return to an active life and to reduce the risk of further heart problems.

At OHPC, you will receive a supervised and monitored exercise therapy along with education and maintenance plan to avoid further heart ailments. We also offer a prevention of cardiac problems, programs in Group Therapy, where you can undergo therapy along with your spouse or friend in a more fun and cost-effective way. 

4. Geriatric/Gerontology 

The process of ageing is often complicated by a range of neurological, cardiac and physical conditions and disorders like Parkinson's disease, falls, joint pains related to arthritis, osteoporosis, hip and Joint replacements, balance disorders and so on.

For senior citizens, we device special rehab programs depending on the problem (or a couple of them) they are facing. OHPC also offers certain modules of your rehab programs in group therapy to make it more fun, motivating and cost-effective. Our objective is to help restore mobility, reduce pain and increase fitness levels of the patients, who, like all of us, deserve a dignified and independent life.

Our therapy for the elderly include gait re-education, balance exercises, transfer training, exercise therapy etc. to enable them to function at their best abilities, doing everyday tasks and living an unconfined life.

We also offer home visits for the seniors who cannot make it to our clinics for some reason. In fact, many of the problems and challenges of ageing are better managed in their home environment, where we can see the problems on the spot. We can also involve care-givers and family members to give them a better understanding of how they can help.

Our physiotherapists will follow the ICF model approach to help the seniors recover and become self-reliant so that they can be fit for life again!

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