Virtual Clinic

You can book a Video Consultation for any case via the web anytime, anywhere at the comfort of your home or office. 


  1. Have a personal one-on-one video call with our specialist.
  2. Get the right advice quickly, in the comfort of your own home.
  3. Support and advice on how to keep you on track with your training schedule 
  4. Advice on starting or progressing a new training regime 
  5. Access to a tailored-made therapeutic approaches and therapies in respect of the individual diagnosis. 
  6. Follow-up on HEPS 
  7. Counselling and many more 
We also realize that you may wish to speak to one of our specialist Physiotherapists to find out if your problem is appropriate for physiotherapy treatment. Therefore, we offer a free phone consultation. This is an opportunity to discuss your particular problem with a Physiotherapist/ Speech Therapist and discuss how we can help you. There is absolutely no obligation to book an appointment following the telephone consultation. The service is provided to help people choose whether Physiotherapy or Acupuncture is the right treatment for them.

To book an assessment or for more information please email or call 07068339458

For individuals with neurological disorders may find it difficult to attend a clinic appointment or those who prefer to be treated in the comfort, convenience and privacy of their home. Therefore, we offer both home visits and clinic appointments.  Appointments can be arranged by telephone, email, or our online booking form.  Please mail us at or call at +2347068339458 to find out if OHPC offers home visits in your area.

You can book an appointment for home visit / clinic visit. Kindly click HERE or copy the below link and paste on your browser

 How Does An Online Physiotherapy Consultation Work?

 As the name suggests, an online Physiotherapy consultation is perfect for those unable to seek help in person. 

The following are common reasons to have an online Physiotherapy Consultation:

  • Live remotely
  • Lack of time for in-person Physiotherapy
  • Injury while away on holiday/overseas
  • Looking to learn more about your condition
  • Wanting a second opinion.
  • Temporarily housebound.

...and in order to best meet your consultation goals it’s important to familiarize yourself with the below process. 

 1. Online Physiotherapy Assessment

Like any regular Physical Therapy assessment, your therapist will need to ask a series of specific questions to fully understand the nature of your complaint. You may also perform a series of physical movements and tests to round out your diagnosis. The Physical Therapist will then work with you to make a plan for your recovery. 

 2. Online Physiotherapy Treatment

After achieving a clear diagnosis, your therapist will likely provide in-depth education on the following:

  • What your injury is
  • Why it occurred
  • Likely lifestyle factors involved in your injury
  • Recommendations for work and activity going forwards
  • Estimated time of recovery.

Your Physiotherapist will also provide an exercise program tailored specifically to your needs. These exercises typically focus on improving any deficits in strength, mobility, posture and body mechanics.

As your condition improves, these exercises will change and progress with you. Once you feel your rehabilitation is complete we can prescribe more exercises to help maintain your status and prevent reoccurrence. 

 3. Support

Physiotherapy is not just about assessments, diagnoses, education and treatment, it’s also about support. So it’s important to feel you have the capacity to ask questions and seek guidance with an online Physiotherapy consultation. 

 4. Video Chat Software

 In order to have your online Physiotherapy consultation we need to use appropriate video chat software. We currently support the following 


  1.   Google Meet
  2.   Zoom
  3.   Skype
  4.   Duo
  5.   WhatsApp 

Meet Your Online Physiotherapist – Wole

Wole is a Chartered Physiotherapist, a clinical specialist with the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, an Ergonomist and Rehabilitation Specialist. He bagged his first degree in bachelor of Physiotherapy from College of Medicine, University of Lagos, and obtained his Masters degree in Physiotherapy (Athletic Therapy known as Sports Medicine) from National University of Medical Sciences, Spain. He went further to obtain Doctor of Physiotherapy (DPT) in National University of Medical Sciences, USA...MORE 



 1. How do we communicate online?

 At this stage we prefer to use Zoom, Skype, Duo or WhatsApp for our online Physiotherapy consultations. 

 2. What do I need to have prepared before my online Physical Therapy consultation?

 In order to get the most from your online Physical Therapy consultation please come prepared with the following:

    1. Loose or appropriate clothing to assist examination
   2. Enough space around/behind you to perform tests/exercises
   3. Any medical scans – MRI, X-Ray etc
   4. Plenty of questions! 

 3. Do I need a referral to have an online Physical Therapy consultation?

 No, you do not require a referral to have an online Physiotherapy consultation. 

 4. Can I use my insurance for an online Physiotherapy consultation?

 Unfortunately we do not currently support the use of insurance with online Physiotherapy consultations. 

 5. How can I be diagnosed online without seeing someone in person?

An experienced Physiotherapist will be able to diagnose your condition by asking a series of in-depth questions and getting you to perform particular movements and tests. 

 6. Will I need to remove my clothing for an online Physiotherapy consultation?

Much like an in-clinic consultation your therapist may need to observe the painful area for clues as to the cause of your pain. In some instances you may need to remove, lift up, or pull aside particular items of clothing to increase the accuracy of your diagnosis. HOWEVER, under no circumstances should you be made to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Your therapist may politely ask if absolutely necessary, but please feel free to decline if needed. 

 7. How can I be treated by someone over the internet?

Once an accurate diagnosis has been made, your therapist will provide you with the necessary means to self-treat your condition. This may include education, home strength and mobility exercises and ways to treat your own symptoms. This has been shown to increase compliance, empowerment and the sustainability of long-term rehab results. Your therapist will let you know the best way to treat your condition going forward.

 8. How do I book an online Physiotherapy consultation?

 Go to our website at and schedule an online appointment. You’ll instantly receive a confirmation email with a unique video link. When your appointment is up, simply click on the link we sent you, and presto! You’ll see us smiling right at you!  

 9. How and when will I receive my treatment plan?

 Your therapist will make sure you understand what’s required to treat your condition going forward during your online Physiotherapy consultation. You will receive a written summary of your treatment plan within 24-48 hours of your online Physiotherapy consultation depending on demand and any time zone differences.

Contact Wole

If you have read our FAQ (above) and still have questions, please feel free to get in touch with Wole at 

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