Patient Information

1. Access to Effective and Excellent Services
At OHPC, we will provide access to appropriate and timely care in a safe environment, delivered by competent, skilled, and trusted professionals.

Patient safety and good standard of treatment are paramount and at the center of our patient care. We have a number of outpatient services where you can expect confirmation of an appointment within a reasonable time. 

You have the right, should you want to cancel your outpatient appointment and reschedule at your earliest convenience but kindly let us know 2 hours before your appointment about any change of appointment. 

2. Dignity and Respect
You have the right to be treated in a courteous manner, with dignity, respect and compassion by every staff of OHPC. We respect diversity of culture, beliefs, values and other characteristics such as age, gender, sexual orientation, faith, disability, in line with clinical decision making. 

3. Religious Beliefs
You have the right to be treated with respect for your religious and philosophical beliefs. 

4. Privacy and Confidentiality
You have the right to have your privacy respected, especially when the nature of your clinical condition is being discussed with you, and or, your relatives by our staff. You have a right to total confidentiality in respect to your medical records. Confidentiality will be upheld during quality assurance audits.  Your medical record or personal information will not be released to anyone or external organisation without your permission (except in the event of your referral to another healthcare professional or as a requirement of statutory obligations).